OpenSource Mpirthi Project with great modern browser support.


Main aka Mpistoskin2

These wrappers use the Desktop Skin also known as Mpistoskin2 or Mpisto War 2018:



Main Page


Elements Translation


EraIcons testcase

Floaring Banners testcase

User Profile Masthead

Wiki Statistics

Anon Interface

Main Page (With Spotlight footer)

Chat aka Mpistochat2

These wrappers use the Desktop Skin also known as Mpistochat2 or Mpisto War 2018 Chatroom, powered by Mprilyiaano Services for Chatting:


Player aka Mpistoplayer2

These wrappers use the Desktop Skin also known as Mpistoplayer2 or Mpisto War Player, using a Vector-based layout in Flexbox and has all the archived Amanda Amantoula libraries loaded


MobileOriginated aka Mpistosimple2, fork of Mercury formermly known as Mpistomobile2 during fork

These wrappers use the Hybrid Desktop/Mobile Skin also known as Mpistomobile2 or Mpistosimple2 right now which is a fork of Mercury Skin, with credits to Fandom for the wrapper of Mercury skin:


Mobile Main Page

Browser Requirements (Bold ones are discouraged in use browsers, Italic ones are fictional aka orbitron-only browsers)

Edge 17+ (Future versions will be Blink-based, Old versions are not recommended)

Chrome 62+/Opera 49+ (Most Recommended Browser)

Firefox 55+

Safari 10.1+

Qorta Browser 9+

mInevra bRowser 10+ (V14+ on Android, V14.5 on MpistoOS and V15.2 elsewhere are Gecko-based)