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EvelutionDocs Skin Information

Evelution Documentation doesn’t use a basic reader-like layout but rather an advanced themed layout that can make the site unique.

About the Skin

This skin is based on the Cayman Jekyll theme, one of the themes available for use in GitHub pages with various modifications to match the look and feel of the Evelution Skin.

It is nicknamed as EvelutionDocs and is a minimal Environment of Evelution. Differences from Cayman theme include:

  • Persistent Taskbar and Community Header. The latter does not include local nav or counters and the former lacks dynamic content
  • Support for themes, which use the CPE Language System but it lacks support for the advanced Theming Engine found in CPE Language, Evelution and Ivilution
  • Support for Dark Mode. All eight themes included support dark mode
  • A more responsive layout for Larger Screens
  • Visited Hyperlink Support
  • Various other enchancements, including highlights for table headers and use of Secondary font in headings. Level 3 headings onward also have bold text for better legibility

However, there’re several downsides compared to the full Evelution Experience:

  • No support for Luna Lovit or Levit
  • No support for Luna Lavccent
  • No support for Visual Styles or extra color schemes
  • No support for Forced Colors or Disabled Color Management
  • No support for Higher Contrast beyond the 4.5+ for Text and 3.0+ for Form Controls
  • No support for Advanced Color Modes (Only dark mode is supported, and this works differently than in Evelution. It merely changes the theme shown rather than modifying it so)
  • No support for Full Width Mode (Small devices, do however display the Documentation using full width container)
  • No Local Navigation or Right Rail Support (The contents menu in the documentation partially resolves this)
  • No support for the advanced theming engine (All themes must be in their full format)
  • No support for GPU Levels (However, the lack of Luna Lovit and Luna Levit defeats the purpose for this addition)

Reporting bugs

If you have something to report about the layout, use the GitHub issues or do it so on our Discord Server (Link found in the bottom of the taskbar that says Support Server in the tooltip)

Latest Revision

In 2022, the Documentation Site was redesigned to match the layout of the later Evelution Skin revisions, including a bottom Taskbar, persistent Minibar and support for themes.

This revision also makes the layout a lot better for larger screens by adding support for the Desktop Background Color and making the page container more like the ones found in Evelution. Additional usage of Secondary font and Rounded corners has made into the redesign as well.

Last but not least, full theming support has been added, meaning the Documentation can be shown in Dark Mode as well as in other alternative color schemes.

Initial Revision

In the very early stages of the Documentations, an unmodded Cayman Jekyll theme was used. However, it was later modified to use the Left Global Nav, Superbar and Minibar from the Evelution Skin to make it look alike to Evelution.